June, 2018

5 Reasons Why

Unruly Passengers

Flying Fools & Backpack Bombs

A month back I was on my solo trip to Landour and through my air travel to and fro Mumbai, I realised that there were some things that bug me when flying and some of the things are so terrible and inconsiderate that I sometimes wonder if some travellers ever think of anyone besides themselves. Here’s a list of the most terrible kinds and the ones that need to enrol themselves into a social etiquette school or…just read this blog! It’s my humble request to everyone who is reading this, please share it across your social networks so that this reaches those imbeciles and maybe, just maybe, some of them might change for the better. So, here goes…
  1. The security clearing idiots – These are the ones who in spite of umpteen announcements from the security guys will still keep their phones and laptops inside their bags. Some jerks will STILL keep their lighters inside the bags in spite of knowing that it’s not allowed and they will be caught. Such people will create confusion and run back to and fro from the belt and ransack other bags on the belt, stuff their bags on top of other bags and then come and stand right in front of you. And further, these idiots have forgotten to empty their pockets of the thousand coins they carry and waste further time, rest of the people in the queue be damned. It’s amazing how certain people have such complete disregard for other travellers time…
  2. ”I will carry multiple bags of various sizes with me and carry everything as hand luggage” kinds – These people are ACE RASCALS. To avoid the inconvenience of waiting for the checked in baggage at the arrival belt and to save their own time, they show complete disregard for other travellers on the flight. Check-in spaces on flights are now lesser than usual. These rascals usurp all the space around them and leave no space for other travellers on their row to keep their “chota” bag. Worst is when they arrive late and then seeing no space for their umpteen bags, will start shoving their luggage on top of other peoples bags. I just hate people putting their bags on top of mine, it gets my goat like nothing else. I wonder why airlines don’t enforce a strict rule for carry-on luggage?

    Pro tip: Please be sensitive & considerate to fellow travellers. As far as possible, try and carry only one bag at check-in.

  3. The Backpackers! Idiots of the first order. They have no clue how much their backpacks cause damage and hurt as they hurt other people. Beware if you happen to stand behind a happy go lucky guy/gal with a backpack on their back. With every move of theirs, you stand a chance of serious injury as their backpack hits you on your face body legs with a massive blow. A backpack-wielding traveller is actually an assassin in disguise, out to assassinate your body, peace of mind and personal space. Plus they pretend as if they have no clue of how much of others space they are invading. Regular travellers on a flight would understand how minuscule space you get standing in queues to board your flight or waiting in the transit bus or standing inside the flight to get to your seat…And on top of that, if you are near a backpack carrying person, you’ve had it. If you are a Backpack carrying idiot yourself and are reading this, why oh why wouldn’t you carry the backpack in your hand and keep it below your waist? Sometimes I feel like holding the travellers neck and throttling him/her…But I always grin and bear it…But that day’s not far when I will lose it…

    Pro tip: When travelling in closed spaces, do hold the backpack down in your hands and respect the personal space of fellow travellers/commuters.

  4. The Groupies – I know you guys are on a holiday and are travelling with your friends together and maybe you’ve had a few drinks and are in a merry mood. Well, save that for when you land will you? Your excitement gives you no right to destroy the silence and peace around you with loud noises, seat bumps, walking up to each other’s seats and rudely awakening the peacefully sleeping guy with a seat jerk. What will it take for Indians to understand that private space is “private” and not your own backyard to make noise?

    Pro tip: Keep the spirits up but please be aware of other travellers discomfort. And if you think someone is getting uncomfortable, do apologise to them. People do understand.

  5. Unruly Kids – Your kids are damn cute but hey! Only you find them cute and will indulge their misbehaviour under the guise of parental pride. Kids running amok, kicking seats in front of them, getting up every 5 minutes, bawling away for a snack which is not available on the flight and generally creating a ruckus is just not on. You are creating rude, offensive monsters and 5 years down the line the same “cute” kids will turn into rogues destroying all sense of civic sense around them. Better rein your monsters in and teach them the essence of good behaviour in public spaces.

    Pro tip: Being a parent myself, I do understand that sometimes kids will have a meltdown or will be “just kids”. Make an effort to get them to behave. Most travellers are parents themselves and will understand. Some like me will also help you to soothe/entertain your kids. But continuing to ignore your kids’ misbehaviour and shirking off your responsibility is just not on.

The above 5 kinds of travellers really really irk me. Are there more kinds that I have missed out on? Do let me know your list. (I hope you are not one of the 5 kinds mentioned above?)

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