February, 2018


Short Story

Box of Chocolates


Before he even saw her, he could feel her presence. His heart was thumping away, and before he could realize why, he saw her leaving the restaurant. He had last seen her twenty years ago when she left him with a curt goodbye. He had kept trying to call her, but she didn’t look back, not even once. Not that day, not ever. And now she was thirty feet away, in a town where he least expected to see her. He wanted to take his eyes away, lest she happens to feel his presence as well. Alas, he just couldn’t. He had turned to stone, with every inch of his soul in a state of panic. He wanted to reach out to her—say hello, ask if her life had gone well, but some fear held him back. She was now twenty feet away and walking towards him, her hand entwined in the hands of a man who looked fifteen-twenty years older to her. And, suddenly it was for a brief moment that she turned slightly towards him and looked into his eyes. In that brief moment, they told him her story. While her face was made of stone as she passed him by, her heart though, asked him, “hope you’ve been okay?”