Return of the Maggi and why every great dad (and husband), needs to master the art of making Maggi!

January, 2018

Home Cooked, Dad Food, Bachelor Cooking


It’s been 35 years since the greatest meal ever produced in a packet got introduced in India. Maggi! Maggi! Maggi! No kid born in the 80’s can ever forget the jingle that created advertising history. Well, this article is not about that, but about how it is an important tool in every dad’s hands. And, if you can rustle up a great Maggi snack in 10 minutes (anyone who says that Maggi is ready in 2 minutes is talking BS BTW), it’s worth a million brownie points with the wife and with the kiddo.

During Trupti’s pregnancy with Vivaan, the only craving she ever had was for Maggi (Thank God for that!) and she used to get an intense desire for it at around 1 am in the night (Thank God for Maggi again! Imagine if she had a craving for bhelpuri at 1 am! Meri to lag jaati boss!)

So all you dads out there and husbands who are going to be dads or single guys who want to be husbands and then dads. Well, never mind! It’s best if you can master the art of making a great Maggi snack that is uniquely yours.

Whilst you can think of a million ways of creating your own version of Maggi, here’s mine. Presenting my version called “Maggi A’la Mandy”! This recipe is for 1 double pack of Masala Maggi.

So dads and husbands, feel free to use my recipe for a great bedtime snack, and do share if you have a great idea for one!

Happy Maggi’ing!