Sleeping On His Own

MARCH, 2016


When will our boy (or girl) start sleeping in his own Room?

This question gets asked, discussed, debated between parents all the time a little after the kiddo turns 3-4. It has nothing to do with craving intimacy, privacy and wanting your own space.  Well, we pretty much signed it off the day our bundle of joy arrived, but has got everything to do with their growing bodies and their insane ability to turn a full 360 on the bed kicking off both parents in different bite sized corners of the bed. Every single couple I know goes through the same. There has been many a day when the wife & I have woken up in the morning with cramped bodies and aching limbs and discussed over a cup of tea why “the little tyke needs to move to his own room from tonight!” But days, weeks, months and years pass without the same. And here’s the reason why.

I love to snuggle him. I just love it when he suddenly turns into me and guides himself in the nook of my chest and neck with his head in my face and gets comfortable. It’s one of the best pleasures in the world for me to hold him like this in his sleep and smell his head. I don’t know about you guys but for me it’s the best smell in the world. To hold him close in my arms and sleep is something else only. And truth be told, I think I enjoy this much more than he does. Somewhere down the line it becomes as difficult for the parents to have their kid sleep separately as it is for the child. So coming back to the “morning tea” conversation, well, it remains just a conversation.

It was sometime in July this year that we took the decision to at least start getting him used to sleeping alone.

It was sometime in July this year that we took the decision to at least start getting him used to sleeping alone. We started having these conversations with him about how he is now a big boy and how big boys love to sleep alone. Slowly but surely he started getting used to the thought that sleeping in his room by himself was going to be exciting for him. So we started off by getting him to start the process. We slept with him till he fell asleep and when we were sure he was in deep sleep, we would silently sneak off to our room. Before we knew it, the little guy was up and screaming for mom! And back again into our bed, snuggling with us. This continued for a couple of weeks.

That day I came back from work a little later than usual and got into our bedroom. To my surprise Vivaan was already fast asleep in his room and it had been a couple of hours since he had been sleeping. “Is this the night?” we wondered and went to sleep. I could not sleep properly and kept waking up quite often and thinking of Vivaan. I was missing him so much that I just felt like going into his room and snuggling with him in his blanket but resisted the temptation. The wife though was in deep sleep and snoring away gently. “What a heartless mom!” I thought aloud. I was tossing and turning in bed and she was sleeping away!

I woke up in the morning and woke her up. Both of us went to our son’s room to check on him and saw him sleeping calmly. Looking at him on that big bed sleeping along I was reminded that my baby was turning into a big boy and felt very emotional. I had tears in my eyes looking at him while my wife was looking at me and laughing away! “Mandy, you are being way too silly crying like this” and with these words she walked away to get the morning cuppa ready while I kept looking at my little big boy with glistening eyes.