Men Today…The Real Issue

There is a real issue faced by men today, young and old…The one that no one wants to speak about. Seems irrelevant today but has the potential to snowball into a huge problem…Read on.

Chatpati – And the Joy of Giving

I had some work in Bandra the other day. At the junction which splits into SV Road and Linking Road in Bandra West, there is a shop towards the Linking Road turn…

Flying Fools & Backpack Bombs

A month back I was on my solo trip to Landour and through my air travel to and fro Mumbai, I realised that there were some things that bug me when flying and some of the things are…

A Writer’s Journey…Destination Landour

It’s been months since I’ve wanted to take a writing break for a weekend and head to the hills, cosy up in a beautiful old cottage and write out the novel of my dreams.

About Me

Son. Husband. Brother. Best Friend. Writer. Traveler. Cricket. Boxer. Someday, a filmmaker. Struggling with my fitness. A big foodie. A media professional. I worship many gods… Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar & Roger Federer are a few of them and I simply love Shah Rukh Khan. I play many roles. But I enjoy being a “Dad” to my 6 year old, the most. And yes, whilst I have named this blog “SoccerDad” I must admit that I hate soccer and have hardly played the game in my life. But there’s a reason why I have decided to call it that. “Soccer Mom” was a label put on married middle class women who were homemakers with a key role of managing the home, kids and taking the kids to their soccer games and other activities. Today’s moms are anything but that. So “Soccerdad” stands for the same label albeit with a twist and an intent to break the prevailing stereotypes attached to men. Today married men and dads, at least most of the ones I know, are very involved fathers and husbands and are absolutely hand-on when it comes to their kids. This blog is about the modern dad. Managing the home & kids and still juggling professional careers is no longer a thing for only women and men today do a spectacular job of the same. In fact, I know many dads who are more hands-on than the moms when it comes to their kids. Through this blog I intend to bring out the adventures of a dad, that’s me, who is trying to make sense of all the madness going on around him and who still tried to stay cool whilst juggling all of the roles above.

I also write. A lot.

And the most important thing, according to my 6 year old son Vivaan, I am the best “BUM CLEANER “in the world!

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